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   Chemical compatibility
Proper switching points
Custom design
Cost effective

In most applications the pump has only simple tasks to perform, for example filling a tank. To control the pump directly, there are only two pieces of information required: When to start and when to stop. For this simple purpose you don't need additional components like analog systems and control boards, as the switching solution, with stable and long term repeatable switch points, will do the same. As a result: Your are saving costs. Also nobody can overfill the process or change the standard workflow of your machine.

LevelSys S has been designed to make a simple job of filling. The solution can be upgraded by multiple switch points or by the use of different materials or integrated temperature sensors etc. M12 connector simplifies assembly process, as you can use standardized cable and there is no need to turn around with set of cable.

Customized solution fits exactly to your tank, so cost of adjustment is gone. We make solution for the tank, without asking to build tank for the sensor.

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